Saturday, July 19, 2008

Record Breaker!

Ethan is a record breaker! Today at the swim meet he broke two records: 8 and under 25 Meter Breast Stroke and the 100 Meter Freestyle Relay 8 and under. He is an amazing swimmer.

Tate continues to get faster and faster too! He is the cutest swimmer before the start of each race. He stands on the starting line dancing each week before the gun goes off. Today they were playing "YMCA." During that number, he was shaking his bootay...

Sommer is tough in the fly and rockin' in the IM. She is all muscle and continues to improve each week!

Garth and I are exhausted watching it all from 7 am until 11:30 in 100 degree heat. Lovely.


The Rowles said...

Good for your kids. I know your swim team woes. We had to be at our meets by 6:30am and they didn't end until 1pm. And we have had a little record breaking our selves, record breaking heat that is. We just finished our season. I can't get enough though I am already for next year. I got hang with Tim, Hilary, their girls, your parents and other asorted family the other night it was fun. Seeing all the family was good. We really need to get together with out a funeral.

Shelese said...

Wow! That's such cool news. Go Ethan! And Sommer doing the fly! Amazing! I think that is the coolest stroke ever.