Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a Wrap!

Sommer, Garth and I are on a good eating kick! In all honesty, I haven't been that healthy of an eater the past many years. As the mother/wife, it seems that if the family is going to eat right, than mother has to eat right...darn it. It kind of goes along with the saying (which I do know for a fact is true but still bugs), "If Mom is happy, everyone is happy...and if she isn't...well everything falls apart."

Anyway. We have been eating good for 10 days now...wow! Of course we go off on the weekends, cause we are not that crazed. We have all three seen wonderful results. It is a lot of work I tell you. It is a constant job making sure that there is always food ready to go for lunch and dinner, snacks are available that actually taste good (but are under 100 cal) and everyone is happy about it.

I discovered a yummy lunch yesterday and Sommer and I have now had it for 3 lunch/dinner meals in a row. WRAPS! I bought the flat bread wraps at Costco. I add the following: honey dijon mustard, fat-free cream cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and chicken. WE LOVE IT!

If any of you have any other great meal ideas...please share. We are having kabobs tonight!

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Cherilyn said...

Healthy eating does start with mom! I also love the saying "happy wife - happy life". Tell your kids way to go on their swimming success! I'm impressed with your mom and me week. That sounds fun - I may have to give it go!