Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swimming Ends

The kids had a great season of swimming. Sommer came out of the season with a strong desire to join the year round team so she can improve even more for next summer. Ethan broke the record for backstroke just last week, which was then taken back the following week at the divisional meet by his friend and biggest rival, Grant. They actually both broke the record but Grant was a tad faster (by .10). But he did end up getting a record with his relay team. He was thrilled to get an actual "record" at the team party. He also was chosen for a special coaches award (only three kids received these). During the "special awards," you could see Ethan with both of us hands with all fingers crossed just hoping for a medal! Wishes do come true!

Look at that haul of stuff Ethan got!
Tate was thrilled to receive his first trophy! He had a great time on the swim team and has become quite the ladies man. His two peer coaches just loved him (they are pictured above in the 2-piece swim suits).


The Nash Family said...

The Record for their record is such a cute idea...might have to steal that one. Congrats to Ethan and YES, do Winter Swim Team if you can. If Ethan is doing this well without ever having done a Winter Team, you can only imagine how well he will do next year if he does!

Shelese said...

Yay Swimmers!! Looks like it was a great year!

Kristen said...

Way to go Porters. We don't expect anything less from them!