Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Miracle of the Bicycles

There were three people that needed bikes. The first one was a little guy who needed to move up from his super little bike with training wheels to a bigger bike. He so wanted to ride a two wheeler like his big brothers. But his parents were unable to buy a new bike. His mother loved to scour the neighborhood for trash treasures every now and then. Well one night, she thought she spotted something in the darkness. She was right. It was a bike. Not the newest of bikes. In fact, it was missing a pedal. But it was the perfect size for the little boy. It was a bit hard to pedal at first, but he took no time learning how to ride and was zipping up and down the street. The next week, his mother happened upon another bike. The gears were broken but it had two perfect pedals. Now the little boys bike was perfect. He had been blessed with the miracle of the bicycles.

There was another boy. His bike had been broken for a year. He was desperate at times for a bike, so desperate in fact, he could be seen on his older sister's PINK bike every so often. One of the most wonderful neighbors had a bike sitting in the driveway. Perfect size for a larger boy. Perfect condition. Perfect color. The neighbor was planning on giving it away. They gave it to the boy. He too now had a bike and was part of the miracle.

There was the mom. She was unable to run. She had a brother and sister-n-law who were avid cyclists. She had friends who rode road bikes. She heard from them how great riding was. They loved to ride together on fast, effective, fun rides. The mother didn't have a bike for those conditions. She wished she could join in the fun. A most fab neighbor friend offered to loan his daughter's road bike to her so she could ride when she wanted to. She tried it for the first time and loves it! She feels blessed and knows it was a miracle.


a10cowwoman said...

Welcome to the world of biking. Now you'll have a new obcession.

Bryan Burns said...

congrats on your first wednesday night group ride. You did great out there.

shawni said...

YOu just gotta love a good bike ride with the kids!!