Friday, June 13, 2008

My First Surgery

I am finally repaired. The doctor did not have to put in a mesh covering due to my fab ab muscles (I am not sure I agree)and the hernia being so small. He just stitched me up. Everything with the surgery went well. It was my first time having anesthesia and I wasn't so thrilled after I woke up. I lay there in the haziest of haziness as the nurse tried to communicate with me. She went to get Garth but had to tell him "false alarm" due to the difficulty of me coming "out of it." After finally getting me in a recovery chair, the haziness began to subside but then the nausea came with a vengeance.

I could tell all of the nurses wanted to go home for the day, but man did I feel horrible. After the anestheologist came in three different times to check on me, I was feeling a bit rushed. Upon seeing her out of her scrubs and into her every day clothes, I knew I had better buck up and feel better.

The car ride home was a doozey as I tried my darndest to not throw up. My neighbor saw us drive down the street to our house and she told me I looked pretty whipped. It took another 2 hours (it had already been 4 since the surgery) before I felt clear headed.

We were so grateful for the meals that our friends brought in...thanks Jean, Suzi and Dana!

I was in bed all day. Everytime I had to sit up or turn, the pain was unbearable. I guess it is a blessing so I will have no desire to do much and just get better. I have to stay away from anything reselmbling exercise for 2 weeks. I can't lift anything over 10 lbs (sweet, no laundry), and can't lift weights for 6 weeks. Maybe my heel will be pleased with me laying around and it will finallyheal.

For those that have had C-sections my heart goest out to you!


amyburb said...

Hope you're feeling better quickly Heather. My friends 9-year-old just had hernia surgery--too bad we don't bounce back as quickly as kids! I enjoyed catching up on several posts I've missed. Looks like you guys are having a great summer already! I can't believe you're taking up a new sport with such a vengeance. Where do you find the drive? I need some!

Suzanne said...

I am glad that you are feeling okay. i know that the "coming out" of anaesthesia is the worst...i have learned to ask for anti-nausea do that next time...keep in touch..and look at my blog..we made the local paper...Suzanne

shawni said...

Oh man I'm so sorry that you had to go through that! I hope you are taking it easy and having Garth do all the heavy lifting. Max had to have that surgery too. Two days before we left for China! Crazy stuff.