Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Joys of Molluscum Contagiosa

What is that?! Never heard of it. But it doesn't sound like I want it. Actually, you have probably already had it. If you see some little bumps on you are your child, don't worry. They will go away on their own. It is a common virus related to the small pox. It stays with you for about 6 months and then disappears.

But if you decide to itch the little bumps, you can spread them...hence root word in the name: CONTAGIOUS! Now, those that know us (especially all of Tate's friends from the park this week), don't start freaking out. Doctors DO NOT keep children isolated with this virus. If the bumps are festering (which rarely happens) and you take a bath with an infected person or such, maybe you will be lucky enough to get it. But don't plan on it.

Most kids get it and it goes away. But Tate was unlucky. He got it (from Ethan...they bath 2 or 3 times a day together) and it spread everywhere. When it spreads, it makes it very difficult for the body to work its magic and get rid of it. So this week the dermatologist applied something to each one of his bumps on his torso. He had about 30 on his belly, arms and back. Poor Tate had to endure a wicked liquid that was placed on each bump. They then put a little round band-aid on each spot for one hour. This is when things got crazy...

Try peeling 30 very sticky band-aids off a 5 year old's tender body. The first one came off quickly but took a bunch of little hairs with it. This immediatetly freaked him out. I tried to get the second one started but had to use my blasted fingernail to even get it started. By then, Tate was having nothing to do with the band-aid removal. I tried having him soak in the tub, but he started screaming bloody murder that the sores were starting to hurt. I am now at hour number 2. I start worrying about the liquid the doctor put on would fry off too much skin. I call the nurse to find out a simpler way to get the band-aids off. She says, "You need to get those off immediately! You can't have that stuff on for too long. It is going to blister his don't want too big of sore!" So I start freaking out. I ask her why in the heck would they place 30 very sticky band-aids on already sensitive child skin. I try to figure out if it is the band-aid ripping off his skin or newly created sores that is the reason behind Tate's cries. She is no help and just tells me to get them off.

I take Tate out of the tub and start the process of torturing my own child. He braves through that lovely process. Once they are off I am shocked to see 30 or so blisters! And this is a good thing?! They quickly become very sensitive and painful. Poor boy. They are much better today as they have scabbed over. I am gearing up for this great news...he has to do this once a month for 6 months.

Chapter 2. So, he has a bunch on his legs too. Because he had so many, the doctor put us in charge of taking care of those from home. Every night, for the next few months, we put a cream on each bump. This cream is most expensive and it doesn't even smell like Cherry Blossoms. How much? Too much?! Way too much?! I won't even tell you because you won't believe me. Thank you so much dear Grandma Gair for taking this burden off our shoulders...if only it smelled like blasted cherry could borrow some.

And just to add to that day's joy...

Moments before I take Tate to the dermatologist, I look at Calvin who has just woken up. His eyes are almost swollen shut. A red blotchy area has formed down his cheeks. He has more red blotches on his waist line. It itches. He looks horrible. I decide to take him along hoping that the doctor will take pity on his and take a look (this doctor is almost impossible to get into...I had made Tate's appt. 6 weeks prior).

The doctor does take pity on us and takes a look at an almost unrecognizable Calvin. Immediately he says, "Poison Ivy. That is a pretty nasty case." He wonders if Calvin has been in the woods recently. No. He asks if we have a dog that might have been around it. Yes. I do remember Garth mentioning he has seen some poisen ivy climbing up some of our trees in the backyard. Great. I am now wondering how many of us have been giving Joey the dog rub downs. Luckily, no one else got the poison ivy...except Garth...when he got home from work and started removing it.
Great weekend.


Kristen said...

Wow! Can I bring all your scouting stuff over now, cuz it sounds like you don't have enough going on in your life right now. Just kidding, I'll be sure to stay away from your house.

Cherilyn said...

Oh joy! Will had those nasty little bumps and his doc. put a medicine on them that made them burst and go away! I think Will had them for months and I was told it could take a year to get rid of them and they were contagious. Good luck!