Friday, June 27, 2008

Having a Ball

Calvin loves money. He loves to earn it. Count it. Organize it. Put it into savings. He loves to find something he wants to buy and figure out how much he needs to earn to buy it. I saw the other day the cutest list he had made regarding a paintball gun. He had three prices of paintball guns. The first was the highest price. He wrote underneath the price, "Gun I will most likely never get." The second said, "Gun I hope to get." The third and cheapest, "Gun I could buy tomorrow but would like to save and get better one."

He is constanty asking us if we need help with something so he can earn money. Well this week he found a great way to make some cash. Calvin and two of his friends have started selling golf balls. We live on a private golf course. His friend's house is located at a prime location on that course for selling balls. Yesterday they sold $60 dollars worth and he came home with $15. His face was sunburned, he was exausted, and yet he was so excited about going out the next day.

Today he had his backpack filled with high quality balls to sell and he was off to work at the crack of dawn.

You just gotta love this kid.


shawni said...

sounds like he's got a work ethic like his mama. Go for it Calvin!

Kristen said...

He's going to be earning big bucks some day. Way to go.