Saturday, June 28, 2008

And She Went Out Like This...

So after my group ride a few weeks ago, I noticed all bikers were sporting matchy matchy outfits. Even the guys had shirts, shorts, helmets, shoes and bike all of which was coordinating. I can understand women getting everything just right, but guys?! C'mon. So I made an important call to one who would know for sure what was up, my brother, Matt. He informed me that indeed bikers matched everything, everything.

This worried me. I had nothing except shoes and one pair of padded (yes padded) biking shorts. And they didn't even match each other. I didn't even have the ever important shirt with three secret stash pockets on the lower back. What was I to do?!

Matt came to the rescue. Before I knew it, there was a package on my doorstep. Inside was a helmet, shorts, shirts, glasses, gloves and other essentials. I must admit I was a bit nervous putting on the red shorts with the matching top (seen in picture). After coming downstairs, Garth asked if I was going out like that. So as timid as I still am with the biking community, I changed into a more subtle black short. Since many of the items he sent have a red/black theme, I guess when it is my time to purchase a bike, I will be looking for those colors.

I must give a shout out to my wonderful neighbors, Brian and Suzi, who have let me borrow their daughters bike (thanks Whitney too!) until I can afford my own.

So cool or not...I went out like this today. And I had a great ride!


Bryan Burns said...

way cool jersey! sweet bike too - looks like something a bike messenger in DC would ride. You're just missing a water bottle! Suzi and I are in PA putting some miles on the rail trail that runs up and down the valley. I am considering our vacation to be my training camp and I'll be doing 70 miles every day...well, at least that is the plan. Great to see you out on the bike!

Kristen said...

Totally cute and cool!

Marylin and Jimmy said...

I think you look awesome!! I wish I could pull that off! :)