Thursday, June 12, 2008

Riding with the B Team

Last night I went out for my first official group ride. I joined the Haymarket Bicycle Team who host a Wed night 26 mile ride. There is an A team and B team. The A team peeps are super competitors and ride fast and furious the entire time. I joined the B team of course hoping to just keep up with them.

I was educated quickly on all of the lingo from "car back (a car is coming up from behind)" to "car up (car approaching from ahead)." There were also very valuable hand signals such and a straight arm down with hand shaking meant gravel or lose surface. That one was my favorite due to my fear of not being able to see the road ahead of me with so many bikers in front.

My friends Bryan and Frank gave me "Drafting 101" help too. Although I understand the necessity of it, it still freaks me out to be positioned inches away from a rider's tire. One false move and I am road kill.

At the end of the ride, I was wasted. My neck and shoulders were killing me. My quads and butt were sore. And I was humbled after discovering quickly I was the weakest rider. But what I did come to realize was another sport is out there that can challenge me, excite me and might just make me an addict. Maybe after all the frustrations of not being able to run, a new found love emerges. It would not have happened if I wasn't forced off my feet.

Goals for the next ride: 1. Not be the slowest rider. 2. Beat one of the girls.

Gotta to have hernia surgery.


Monica said...

um Heather you are crazy!! If I had a broken foot and needed hernia surgery I would be sitting on my couch with the remote! You are amazing already trying a new sport. You rock girl!

Jayne said...

you're my hero! hope your hernia stays away forever!!

a10cowwoman said...

You go girl! Hope you heal fast!