Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sommer Camp

Sommer is 12 and that can only mean one thing...Girl's Camp! I have such fond memories of girl's camp growing up. I must admit, I have been thinking about how easy these girls have it compared to the rough and tough camping that I did growing up in Alaska. Here it goes...the "when I was your age" speech...

When I was your age our camp required:

1. We had to put all of our week's belongings in a backpack...a real backpack. One that we were required to carry.

2. In this backpack, we had to carry all of our week's food, sleeping bag and TENT (which brings me to number 3).

3. We slept in a tent. There were plenty of special mother nature moments that gave our tent's challenges such as: A. Rain (hopefully we had put it up correctly...yes, we had to put it up) B. Heavy winds (hopefully we had put it up correctly).

4. We had to put all of our food in big bags every night and hang them away from our campsite and in trees to ward off any hungry bears.

5. We had to have a backpack weigh in to be sure we could actually carry our packs. We then had to hike to our campsites (uphill both ways).

6. No showers.

7. No bathrooms.

Sommer lugging her week's supply of gear.
Sommer's required the car.
Here is one car load of excited girls. Check out Sommer crammed in the third row with her other first year friends!

I can't wait until tomorrow night to hear all about her adventure. I am sure she is having a blast. She might be a bit hot and tomorrow it will be in the mid 90's with the ever so popular humidity.


Johnsons of Haymarket said...

I remember it exactly like you Heather and mine was right here in Virginia. 30 pound limit, and I remember mine was over so they rummaged through all my stuff and took half my granola bars... We hiked part of the Appalachian trail and survived a night of thunderstorms. Good times, it was so much fun!

jaromandcynthia said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! It sounds like life is very eventful!!! Wow, after surgery, how are you doing now? And to have such great friends, that truly is unheard of most of the time, what a blessing!

Trisha said...

I just went to girls camp. A few of my girls moved here from VA this past year. All they could talk about was how they loved girls camp...showers a few times each day, air conditioned cabins, swimming in the nearby lake, etc. What a wake up call here in arizona! They about died when they had to sleep in tents, cook food, and only have one shower for the week which was a timed 1 1/2 minute shower. But, they loved it all the same! I can't wait to hear about Sommer's adventures!

amyburb said...

I had various degrees of girls camp, but I loved them all! I did go to camp once while in Virginia, and it was hot!! That was an experience I hadn't had before. We always went up into the mountains to escape the heat. Hopefully she survived it well!

Kristen said...

What the? I can't believe that they loaded all that stuff along. Man, I remember just getting soaked camping in the tents where if you touched the side tons of water would come in. It's way too cushy for these girls. I'm sure she had fun though.