Thursday, March 29, 2012

Funny Business...

This subbing gig is cracking me up.  This week I was in the chorus classes, which were filled to the brim with every combination of student, from 7th grade girls, to 8th grade boys as well as the ever full of energy mixed 6th grade classes (both girls and boys).

Since the piano had been taken by the teacher to their Festival performance, we were left watching movies.  The movies these kids are watching lend themselves to giggles galore as the 1951, "Annie, Get Your Gun" or "Liszt" are shown.

Today I simply had to write down a few "funnies" which not only had the kids laughing...I had to secretly join in as well.

The first giggle fest happened when in the movie, "Liszt,"the actor kept saying, "pianist."  To the immature, 7th grader, another word came to mind (and honestly, it did sound just like that word)...causing much laughter from the boys (luckily it was an all boy class). 

Next up for the 6th grade class, was the seriously "way too old for this generation," Annie Get your Gun.  I mean, when people break out in over acting sing just doesn't feel quite right.  In one song, an Uncle Dick was made mention and you would have thought it was some HUGE comedic line...nope, just the two words, "Uncle Dick."

In the 8th grade class, we watched, "Pulse." This movie depicted the awesome stomping phenomenon...that is actually super cool.  But when viewed by these overly immature boys, you know laughter will come...especially when the movie shoots scenes from other countries where the men are dancing in what seems like diapers. It just doesn't go over well.

My most enjoyable moment went to the 8th grade boys choir, where my son, Calvin is a member.  He was not there today because he was helping his teacher at the festival.  I took this ideal opportunity to "get to know" my son a little bit better (remember, he is currently at the "I only grunt one word answers to you" stage).  I decided to poll the class and ask the following questions answered by his classmates who know him best:

Q: Is Calvin as cool as he makes us all think he is here at home?
A: No.

Q: Does Calvin have a good singing voice (believe it or not, I have never heard him sing)?
A: Pretty good.

Q: Is Calvin a bully?
A: No

Q: Does Calvin have a girlfriend?  And if so, who?
A: Mixed answers (I think he may have multiple)

Q: Has anyone seen Calvin kiss a girl?
A: Not telling.

Q: Does Calvin think is mother is totally a cool mom?
A: Of course (I answered that)

It is a total blast substitute teaching!

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