Friday, March 2, 2012

Dodging Worms

Don't you just love (I am being sarcastic) the masses of worms that appear on sidewalks and streets after a big rain storm?!

Yesterday we had a BIG rain.  This morning, I noticed the slimy suckers EVERYWHERE!  There were so many worms, I actually had to do a little side stepping maneuver to avoid them. I really didn't want the bottom of my running shoes to be completely covered in mushy worminess....gross.

So it was that kind of morning...I had to avoid worms...for 18 miles. 

I wasn't expecting the masses of worms joining me on my run today...but I also wasn't expecting the need to dodge a few other obstacles in order to complete my training goal.

Because of plans to head to our yearly get away to Massunutten ski resort this weekend, I planned to run my 18 miles on Thursday morning (it was that or be stuck running the miles in the mountains...up and down steep thanks) to get 'er done.

Unfortunately my husband had to go in early to work so he was unable to take over the "get the kids off to school" routine.  I had  a choice to make. I could avoid the run altogether for the day or I could dodge a few worms.  I decided that dodging a few worms would be easier than running in the mountains and in the rain (our forecast isn't looking great for our ski trip).

So with my resolve to complete my goal, here is what I had to do:

I woke up my middle school boys at 6:55.  I asked my older son to be sure his younger brother actually got up after I left.  I then started my run (and literally began dodging worms). My goal was to complete 4 miles and stop back at the house to be sure two the older boys were ready to hop on the bus. Check!  I then told the younger boys to start getting ready for school as I headed out for an additional 3 miles.  After that was complete, I ran home and finished getting the little boys off to school. I changed my sweaty running outfit (lucky was going to be a 65 degree day) and put on shorts and a t-shirt (yay). I quickly ran around the block until my "cog" Ann arrived at my house to run my final 9.2 miles.  Bless Ann's heart, she had committed to run 8 with me but because of my "dodgy" morning, I was only able to get in 8.8 before she arrived.  With a loving and willing heart, she ran me until we hit my 18 mile total.

We all have "worms" that creep up on our plans.  We may take the easy road and simply give up on our goal because we don't want to step on something a bit uncomfortable or that requires us to do a little dodging in order to complete our task. 

Don't let it.  Just start dodging the worms...and complete your goal.  And you may even get a suntan along your journey.

Don't let a little worm rule your world.

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