Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am Not Yellin', I am Tellin'

Lately my kids have come to believe that when I give them a simple command such as "clean your room" or "practice the piano"...I am yelling.

Well I am not...yet.  I am only provoked to yelling after I have asked in a sweet nurturing voice 75 times.  And although I am never proud of these moments of "voice volume increase", they do occur on occasion.

My lovely children have turned my occasional shrill into what they think happens every time I make any request.

When I say, "Did you get your homework done?" They say, "Why are you yelling?" 

My new response is simple (and quite brilliant I must say):

"I am not YELLIN', I am TELLIN'."

And the voice I use as I say the words is the same sing-song, angelic, sugary sweet one used by all of the Disney Princesses (I am sure you can imagine that).

So dearest children, close your eyes and envision Cinderella (who truly knows the voice of a wicked, mean and yelling "mother") asking you to pick up YOUR (not mine) shoes.  No way is she yellin'...she is simply tellin'.

And by golly, you had better listen!