Thursday, March 8, 2012

Breaking Point...I Will Not Snap

Life is a bit tough right now.  And although I feel I am at my breaking point, I will not snap.  And this week a few things have transpired that have bent me even see, I am already bending...ouch!

(A quick disclaimer about the stresses I share below.  I know I will most likely not remember them a few years down the road...thank goodness. I realize they are not the kind of trials that I know some of you are "bending" through right now.  But man it is still hard)

I think we have finally come to that point in my beloved (and trustworthy) car's life that it is no longer beloved or trustworthy.

And as much as I appreciated its loving service over the past 8 years, the miles of smooth driving (even after getting hit by that is a good story), taking our BIG family on fun adventures, getting me here and there...I am at my breaking point!

And then there is Garth's truck.  We have had his lovely vehicle for even longer!  It has hauled not only ALL of our stuff  over the years (mulch, couches, camping gear, you name it), we have also let everyone else take advantage of its hauling power!

Today it is in the shop.  Just one day after we got my car back (and spent a gazillion dollars) decided it too needed a trip to the repair man. 

So as wonderful as it is to own both vehicles, this month, their old age is really bringing me down (YOU HEAR THAT CARS!? YOU ARE REALLY BRINGING ME DOWN!).

I admit, I have reached a stress level that causes me...well...STRESS.  But in the middle of our little car trial, tender mercies have rained down.

Our wonderful Donna and Bruce have lent us their car multiple times.  And today our neighbor, Glen offered his little Yaris as long as we need it (don't tempt me...I may need it for a really long time).

I thought the car trouble was going to be just enough stress for the week, I was wrong.  Early this morning, I hear from my son as he is filling the bath tub, "Hey Mom! Why is there no hot water?" 

Shoot!  I quickly call Garth, hoping we haven't paid our gas bill. Darn!  He did!  The next step was to make my way to the basement to see if the pilot light had gone out. As I approach the door that contains the water heater,  I say over and over again, "Please, please, let it be the light...please!"

Nope. I immediately see water all over the floor.  Great....

As I was about to "snap," (because I was already at my breaking point), I see our dear neighbor Glen in his driveway. I walk over and tell him our latest sad tale of "our house is old and as you know my husband, though brilliant, can't fix things."  He laughs and takes a look at our water heater.

More tender mercies as he replies, "You will be needing a new water heater but I can install it for you." 

And although the wind is blowing with gusto right now (literally and figuratively) in our life (these are only a few things we are dealing with right now), I will not snap...bend a little, yes, snap off all together?  No!


Lynette said...

Stay strong Heather! when is rains, it poors, right? I'll come pick you up and take you to lunch anytime :)

Judy Havrilla said...

Hey Heather,

Nice job on your blog! I enjoyed reading your post. I hope things get better for you, though (you hear that, cars!?)

Here's my little link.