Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When Was the Last Time You...

Life can totally take over, can't it?  There are plenty of my days that feel just like the movie, "Groundhog Day," when Bill Murray wakes up over and over again to the same scenerio of one day in his life...until he figures out the small change he needs to make.  These " groundhog days" in my life turn into weeks, which then become months and soon years have passed...doing the same thing and forgetting...

We all have small changes to make in our daily life to remind us why we are here, who we love and what we can become.  But then the blasted daily grind of each of our lives seems to quietly take over (sometimes without us even knowing), repeating itself again and again...until we stop it and remember...

When was the last time you...

....wrote your significant other a love note?
...climbed up into your son's bunkbed and read his favorite book?
...took your daughter out to lunch after that doctor appointment?
...finished a book?
....ran as fast as you could?
...worked out so hard your shirt was dripping wet (yes...with your own sweat!)?
...soaked in the tub?
...made homemade chocolate chip cookies?
...woke up to see the sunrise?
...held someone's hand as the sun set?
...gazed at the stars?
...cleaned out every cupboard in your house?
...stopped to smell the roses?
...gathered the kids for a dance party?
...memorized a scripture?

We all are living the crazy life. And we each individually need to do something to make it stop every now and again so we can remember...

So today, maybe we could each do something we haven't done in a really long time and let it remind us of something really wonderful.

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