Monday, March 26, 2012


The wind is blowing. Today's training run required me to run 8 miles with 6-600's (that is one and a half times around the track) at my 5k pace.  Running in the wind is absolutely no fun.  Sprinting in the wind is even worse.

Lucky for me, the 1.5 miles to the middle school track was a breeze (no pun intended), the wind was at my back.  It felt cool on my wet overheated skin.  It brought a lovely scent of cherry blossoms...spring!  It caused the blossoms to fall off the trees and "flurry" about, making it look it was snowing pink.  It gave me a gentle push toward my ultimate goal, the track.

This track is located totally out in the open, giving the wind free reign of its powerful influence.  An American flag blew furiously in one steady direction, signalling to me which part of my sprint would be easy and which section would be a fight.

The first 600, I started at my normal spot...which happened to be directly into the strong wind.  Because of the starting point, I had to run against the wind, more distance than the wind was at my back.

I quickly changed my starting point to give me 400 meters of wind pushing at my back and only 200 with the wind fighting me every step.

The wind literally pushed me along at a faster pace during sections. It was during those times, my heart didn't have to work as hard, my body could keep a steady rhythm and pace. 

When I turned into the wind after rounding the top of the track's corner, it immediately blasted me with its power...pushing me back, trying to get me from reaching my goal.  In order to keep my steady pace, I had to push against the wind with bigger body movements thus increasing my heart rate. 

After one 600, I almost quit.  After three, I felt stronger.  After five, I knew I could beat "the wind."  On lap 6, I was determined to get my fastest split.  Already tired, wind kicking up its strength, and goal in mind, I started to run. 

With the wind at my back, I took advantage of its power and let it push me.  As I turned the corner into its overwhelming strength, I dug, I focused and beat 5 seconds.

Simple as that. are my latest and greatest "Get YOU moving," songs:

TTYLXOX by Bella Thorne
Bang Bang by K'naan and Adam Levine
Knockout by Lil Wayne and Nicki Manaj
Sandstorm by Darude
Part of Me by Katy Perry
Brokenhearted by Karmin

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