Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slow to Judge and Quick to Love

I love my church.  Its message is simple, yet as the world's view takes hold of so many and clouds their view, making simple messages "wrong," "not the norm," "too hard," or "not for our time."  The message of our dear Savior, "Come Unto Me," is the same today as it was so many years ago...simple.

We need Him.  We need to follow Him.  We need to try to be like Him. 

We need to love others as He did.

I love this recent "Mormon Message," about not judging others.

Today, may we be slow to judge and quick to love.

And on Sunday, be sure to watch our living prophets share words of love, purpose and expound on Christ's words, "Come Unto Me."

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Brooklyn McKenna said...

I love that video! I watched it awhile ago and had to immediately show my mom! Ever since that talk when one of us gets judgemental we say, "Are you sure you're windows aren't just dirty?" :)