Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sham-rockin' Half Marathon Pictures

The pictures are in...if you would like to take a look at my race experience click here. The picture with the lighthouse in the background, gave us some pretty wicked cross winds. When I saw the photographer, I really tried to fix my "cute" hair, but obvious I had no control over the elements...or my not so favorite haircut (which by the way, I am going in for the 3rd time on Wednesday to try to get where I like it...soon I will have taken so much hair off I will be bald). The final mile I overheard a gal talking about her upcoming trip to the Boston Marathon. I joined the conversation and we introduced ourselves. We were neck and neck until the last 800 meters where she pulled ahead. I decided at 400 meters I would make my move...she wasn't having anything to do with my move making and she immediately surged ahead. With maybe 50 yards, I decided I would "dash" and take her by worked. As you can see on the finishing photo...I beat her. I love a good competition.


Jean Allen said...

All I can say is...YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

shawni said...

I just e-mailed you on how to do the link and it looks like you figured it out.. Man, you really do rock. You amaze me. Congrats on I'm sure a great race time, and also on beating your new friend at the end!