Monday, March 24, 2008

Boys Camp Out!

Garth did a wonderful thing...he took his boys camping! As you can see from the looks on the boys faces, they had SO much fun. But if you could have seen Sommer and I as they pulled away, our faces would have looked similar! Garth is a super dad and hubby for giving boys exactly what they needed (fire and dirt) and his girl's exactly what they needed (peace and quiet, shopping and Panera)!
We know the boys had fun due to the amount of dirt on each of their faces. The Shenandoah River was a perfect scenic spot to camp...and from the sign, it looks like America agrees!
It was cold overnight with temps in the 20's, a little snow falling and the boys keeping Garth up all night long! But man did they have can't beat that...nothing a little nap can't cure!

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