Monday, March 17, 2008

Find Your Happy Pace!

I love to put a little sticker or two on my car (maybe this started from my awesome sticker collection I had growing up). I drive people nuts by changing it all of the time (they get used to seeing my car with a certain sticker on the back). I currently have one that says, 26.2 and RUN. Well, I am so excited, I just found a new one this weekend at the Shamrock Running Festival in Virginia Beach expo. It says, "Find Your Happy Pace." Love it!

So as I mentioned, I went to the running festival in VA beach this weekend with a bunch of our run clubbers! We had a blast! I was thinking about doing the full marathon, but decided to play it safe/smart and only do the half marathon. I figured I could go all out and see what kind of pace I was running these days to predict what kind of time I could get a Boston. I haven't been doing any speed workouts this training cycle due to my heel problem (yes, the plantar fascistis is back with a vengeance) and knee issues.

The morning of the race we walked out of our hotel room at 6:30 and were greeted with the heaviest winds ever! I tried to think of some way I could get myself back in my room and curl up and go to bed. But of course I couldn't do that. Instead I decided to "dress up" for the occasion and sport two brown garbage bags. Everyone loved the look and were quite jealous from the stares I received.

I was thrilled when the gun went off to start the race at 7 am to find the wind had stopped! I kept waiting for it to blast me down, but we never encountered it the entire 13.1 miles! This was the flattest race I had ever run...and man that was SWEET! Everyone was dressed in green or dolled up in fancy hats, boas, beads, etc. It was so much fun. After the race, they had a big party tent with bands, beer (I gave my free tickets to others in need), and the BEST beef stew.

Everyone that that ran from Run Club did a super job and had a super time! My biggest thrill of the weekend was when I got a call from my friend who was already at the expo. She said, "Heather, what were you wearing when you ran the Richmond Marathon?" I told her. She said, "Well you are on the cover of the 2008 Richmond Marathon brochure! I don't have a scanner to show you the actual pamphlet, but I did email the guys and they sent me the picture. The other pictures are of some of the runners at the expo and Ashton sporting some of the "freebies" I pick up at these events!
So everyone...go find your happy pace!


Hilary Weeks said...


You look amazing...sometimes I wonder if we really did come from the same parents and have the same genes. I don't think I could ever fit in your jeans. What was your time? Do TELL! That is great that you are on the cover of the it when you can!

Love, Hil.

Heather said...

I ran a 1:42. My Personal best for the half is 1:41...I am still dreaming about 1:30's.

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Wow, what a cool picture! How awesome that you are on that magazine! Congrats on another amazing run!

shawni said...

Wow I can't believe how cool that picture is...and that you can run that much. And that you're on the cover of a brochure. Man you make me want ot get more serious about running. Who took that cool picture?

Marylin and Jimmy said...

That is awesome! I love the pic! You and Alyssa should run together sometime, that would be fun to watch! I need to get my self back in shape after this last baby and you remind me of how much in shape :)

The Rowles said...

Dido to what everyone has said about the picture. Looking good and running is hard to do. I only have 20min. to cut off my time (that should be a easy;)Your really giving me a lot to shoot for. I have my 13.1 sticker to put up but I really want the 26.2. I have yet to find my happy pace, you know the one where you feel good and can be proud of the time too. Where is it??? I missed my run this morning now I have the itch, thanks!!!

Goose said...

LOVE the running pic! Frame it! Congrats on the great time. You rock!

Kris & Amy said...

That running pic of you is awesome!! you are one hot mamma! :)