Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Costco's workout

I love a good bargain that bulk can provide but man Costco makes me tired. This is my normal workout when I go to Costco:

Pick up a huge case of water and attempt to get it in my cart.
Pick up a huge case of Gatorade and do above routine.
Pick up totally heavy box of kitty litter and hope a male sees me struggling, if not, lug it over the side of cart.
Break my back lifting dog food (are they 100 lb bags or what?!) into cart (no macho males around).
Find room for the laundry soap.

Now my cart is full and I haven't even gotten to the food. But I must finish my workout...

Get 5 or 6 jugs of milk and get irritated as they keep falling over in the bottom of the cart.
Try to find room for the large boxes of cereal, goldfish, huge bag of frozen chicken and the many other over sized heavy items.
Balance bag of rice on Tate's lap
Try not to smash bread or break eggs

Now I am forced to check out because there isn't anymore room and you can't see the kids anymore in the cart.

As I go to check out, I am upset they don't have any boxes. This makes the loading into the car and unloading the most tedious task known to man. But I shouldn't complain too much because when they do have boxes, they usually give me a huge one and put the heaviest of heaviest items in there and I can't pry it out of the bottom of the cart.

Now for the most difficult part of the workout.

Our Costco brilliantly designed the parking lot to be uphill. I literally have to get a running start and ask my little kids to help me push it up the hill to the car. And when we do finally get it to the car, the cart will not stay in place and keeps rolling back. I then I have to lug out the case of corn and put it under the wheel as I unload the items that I have just loaded into my cart, out of the cart and into the car.

This workout isn't over yet...

I then have to drive home and make a call to Garth in route to see if he can leave work and help me UNLOAD (yet again) the blasted items. Bless his heart, he would love to also get in a workout and help but he can't leave work. I am then left to do the final muscle building portion of the workout and carry everything into the house and put it all away.

Forget all the running...Costco's workout is just fine!


shawni said...

I'm so with you on that workout. It's a good one.

Goose said...

Just got caught up on all your posts! Your hair is not cute, it's SASSY! Also, I can totally relate to Costco adventures. Great buy on the video camera too!

monica said...

Amen sister!! I'm gonna get a nanny just so she can go to Costco with me and help!

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

See, I DO work out! That was one funny post, very well written.

Shelese said...

So True!! I love this post. I'm gonna use your case-of-corn-under-the-cart's-wheel trick. You are a genius.