Friday, March 28, 2008

Old Friends

Our dear friends, Jayne and Chris Thomas were in town this week and we were delighted to have them over yesterday for a little lunch fun.

I titled this post, "old friends" not because we are all old (no, no, we are still all in our 20's), but because our friendship began some 10 years ago when we both had 2 little kids and were just starting out.

Here we are years later, things have changed in the kid department, both of us with thousands of children, but we continue to "just start out."

Both Chris and Garth went to school to get their MBA's a few years back. Both took great jobs and both recently decided to start their own businesses.

Be sure to check in with both of us in 10 years. I figure by then we will at least look like we are in our mid-30's...

It was so great to visit with you...

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