Friday, March 21, 2008

Aunt Lisa takes Sommer on Birthday Adventure

Aunt Lisa (Garth's sister), told the kids a few years back that when they turned 12 she would take them on a birthday adventure anywhere in the U.S. Sommer was first in line to be whisked away on one super planned out trip! She picked Florida as her destination of choice and Lisa planned incredible activities for each day.

Day One: The ladies went to Sea World. They had backstage passes to actually touch and interact with the dolphins. That evening they were entertained at Arabian Nights, a horse show spectacular, where they had VIP passes inabling them to pet the horses and meet the cast.

Day Two: The Girls went to Aquatica. This is an outdoor waterpark where dolphins can be seen as you fly through waterslides.

Day Three: They were off to swim with the manatees. Sommer was lucky enough to see one! She says their skin feels like a tarp. Later that day they went on a airboat ride into a wild life park.

Day Four: Sommer's favorite destination...The Magic Kingdom! They had a blast hitting rides such as: Space Mountain, Stitch, Splash Mountain, and The Haunted Mansion!

As usual, Sommer came home with a myriad of new stuffed animals. She even brought back her little brothers some fun souvenirs! We know you had fun...but we sure missed you! Thanks Aunt Lisa for taking Sommer on such a memorable and special vacation!


shawni said...

Wow, that is one nice aunt!!

Anonymous said...
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Jayne said...

I sure wish I had an aunt like that!