Sunday, March 2, 2008


We were so grateful Grandma and Pops Gair came to help out at the waterpark on Friday! We had so much fun going down the slides and getting wet! Ashton spent most of his day in the hottub. The other kids were going and going and gone...for hours. It was next to impossible to get them to pack up after 6 hours!

How can you beat snow tubing, lounging around, hiking, skiing and hitting the indoor water park as MassaNothing? We really had a great time. And although Garth could only stay one day due to work obligations, he filled that day with lots of tubing and even took Calvin night skiing!
The Family did enjoy some fun tubing time! It was so cold though! Notice Ashton, the prince, nestled inside his tube with a blanket, where he was escorted up and down the hill for 2 hours without even getting out!
As much as I enjoy the mountains, I am not so fond of them when I have to run! I had the toughest time getting in two days of running on hill after hill!
Here are a couple of cute things Ashton said this weekend:
1. On our climb up to the mountain we began to drive through lots of trees. He said in the most matter of fact way, "Well, I guess we are in the forest now."
2. While saying our prayers (I say something and he will repeat) I said, "We are thankful we could go to church today." He replies back, "I am not thankful I went to church today."


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Kristen said...

Love Ashton's comments about not wanting to go to church! Massawhatever looks like fun, although it kills me to see you all in swimming suits right now! Too cold.

shawni said...

Looks so fun. I'm glad you guys got to take off and at least have Garth for a little bit of it.

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Way fun! We still have such fond memories of tubing with you guys a few years ago. I'm so jealous that you have that fun get-away every year- even if it is just a couple of days.