Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sommer

Our little girl is 12 today! What a blessing this lady has been in our lives. She came only 3 days before our first anniversary. We were so excited to finally meet her after months of anticipation. She is the most laid back and happy person I know (she takes after her dad) but it wasn't like that the first few months of her life.

Sommer loved to cry! I think she was just showing us early on how dang smart she was...she was not about to let us put her down for anything. I remember pacing up and down the hall with her as she cried and cried. Garth would take the next shift. We would bring her to the Grandparent's house and they would take turns holding her. Sommer was pretty much held her entire first year...And we loved every minute of it!

She started her passion for reading early on too. I have picture after picture of her sitting surrounded by books. I even have a picture of her in the book basket reading. To this day, we catch her staying up extra late with a small light on under the covers with a book!

Sommer loves her brothers. She never begged and pleaded for a sister. With each brother, she immediately showered them with love and attention. She also showed them who was boss and has never let one of them bully her in any way. Her brothers love her so much, they fight about who gets their turn sleeping with her each night (we only let them do it on the weekend).

Sommer loves her friends. She has always been a good friend. I have never seen her treat a friend harshly or purposely do anything mean to hurt them. It has been fun to see her in middle school surrounded by friends...I read a quote once they said, "The type of friends that you surround yourself with show what type of person you are." She has chosen good friends that have been great examples to her.

Sommer brings such joy to our family. I feel so blessed to have such an obedient child that loves the Lord. She is happy, smart, patient, loving, helpful, thoughtful, reflective, kind, tender-hearted, gentle, silly, sweet, and beautiful...that is our Sommer!
Happy Birthday Sommer!


amyburb said...

I can't believe she's 12!! My favorite memory of Sommer is one day when she was 3 and I got in your car and she looked at me and said, "You have too much lipstick on." She had quite a personality at that age! I'm sure she is even more wonderful now.

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

I think Sommer has been a ray of sunshine in everyone's life she has touched. She surely is growing into an admirable and beautiful young lady.

The Rowles said...

I wish I knew Sommer to comment on her but she sure is cute! I just wanted to tell you I have the same jacket you are wearing (I know lame!)

shawni said...

Gotta love that Sommer! My first memory of her is when she was a baby with a little ponytail sticking straight up on the top of her head. So darn cute. Hope it was a great day, Sommer!