Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Can't Beat Chuckers

What should you do when the kids are out of school?! Go to Chuck-E-Cheese's of course! We did have a no school today due to the Veteran's Holiday. But we lucked out...Fairfax County Schools were in school. Since I dislike crowds so much, we headed to a Chuckers in the Fairfax area! The place was brand new, had loads of new games and the place was ours!

Calvin and Ethan were thrilled with their drinking "glasses." They have never looked better having soda swirl around their eyes when they drink. Too funny. I think it only cost us around $20 in tokens...and they are worth 50 cents.
They loved this bubble ride. Ashton rode it numerous times. Ethan's joy radiates from his face as he takes a turn. There were quite a few "simulator" like rides at this Chuck-E-Cheese. Great fun!

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