Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Best Preschool

We love our preschool:
4 R's.

Every year they put on a Thanksgiving Lunch for all of the children. They don't ask us for anything.

And for Christmas, instead of "teacher's gifts, " they ask us to bring in a toy to donate to


I can't believe my little Ashton is our last 4 R's student.

I love this school.


Gina said...

I'm so glad! Will you let me know when they start doing registration for next year. We really like our preschool, but I would love to not have to face Hwy 29.

The Nash Family said...

I was going to ask you this...WHERE is the 4Rs now?? I see a mailbox that says 4Rs Pre-School on Old Carolina, but you can't really see much up the driveway. Did they move it there?

The Nash Family said...

Gina, you usually have to be on the waiting list for 4Rs, so I would try to call them now and get on it. Mrs. Jamison keeps everyones name in a spiral notebook, she is so high-tech! You just have to love her!!

Heather said...

4Rs is located on Old Carolina. The white house nestled down the driveway is the place.

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

4 R's is da bomb! I'm so glad I listened to your advice and sent Cam there. They are the most caring people I've ever met. For sure the best preschool!

The Nash Family said...

It is the best! I wish now I had sent Zoe there as well. Haymarket Baptist is great too, but I still miss 4Rs!