Saturday, November 29, 2008

Searching For a Fabulous Find

Today I discovered the new Salvation Army Family Store!
I was with Sommer at the time and asked if she minded if we took a quick peak.
"Ewww!" She replied. "Used clothes? Have they been washed?"
I tried to get her a little bit more excited by telling her she might find a pair of Ugg boots.
"Yeah right. Like someone is going to get rid of those!" she said.
I couldn't wait to get inside and start searching for a fabulous find. Sommer reluctantly stood beside me as I started scoping out the place. Rows and rows of jeans, sweaters, name it, they had a rack (or two) for it.
I showed her a totally cute Old Navy skirt. She wouldn't have anything to do with it. I found some American Eagle interest whatsoever.
But I was determined to find something. I will admit that knowing she wasn't comfortable made my shopping extravaganza a bit stressed. I came away with nothing...THIS TIME! But I did see some great things such as:
Mini Boden shirts (the cutest brand for kids from England)
A couple of books I really wanted (only $1)
A big comfy black sweater (Sommer said it was too big for me)
A Banana Republic shirt
Some cute skirts (Gap, JJill)
I will be back and I will find something fabulous. Just you wait.
And I am going solo...

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The Loving Mom said...

I'm clueless - where is the new Salvation Army Store?
It *is* a drag when we've got a teenager (or in my case, two) that just grump about what we try to show 'em. Go solo, or take along someone who also likes looking for deals! Much more fun that way. :)