Thursday, November 6, 2008


Did you know that Sommer gets herself up each morning at 6:45, has breakfast, gets ready and off she goes without any help from her parents? I want you to know though, I am totally there if she needs me. I am totally awake, lying in my bed (not asleep...though it may appear as if), ready to spring out of my warm sheets, if she needs anything...anything. Most of the time I do make her a lunch, but luckily that isn't needed until about 7:40. That is my preferred, get out of bed time...

Did you know that Sommer does her homework all on her own? She has straight A's in all advanced classes. I have never had to check her grades, they are always perfect. She has even been known to worry a bit at night and unable to sleep, comes quietly into our room telling us about a project due that is due...the following week!

Did you know that Sommer is crazy about her four younger brothers? Although they drive her a bit insane at times and she does enjoy (ditto) when they are all at Grandma's for the day, she is the best big sister. I have found Calvin curled up in bed with her just talking about everything from school to boys/girls. They share their successes and their failures...she is someone they can trust.

Did you know that Sommer is the best friend? I am grateful she is mine. But man, are the girls that will have the opportunity to have her as a friend, lucky. She is kind, she is trustworthy, she is there...

Did you know that Calvin asks for us to wake him up at 7 am every morning (I usually ask Sommer to do it...come on, she is already up...I am up too, its just...the bed is so warm) so he can get his day going a bit early. He scrambles his own eggs (and usually scrambles up a few for Ashton and Tate), makes his own lunch, does all of his jobs without me asking him to do them, practices both the bass and piano.

Did you know that Calvin can fix anything? He is the one we call when the VCR, DVD, DVR, computer, or anything else isn't working.

Did you know that Calvin loves to make money? He loves to count it, organize it and save it. He plans on playing professional football or golf one day.

Did you know that Ethan gives the best hugs in Haymarket? If you ask him, he will always comply and give you one. Sometimes he squeezes so hard, it hurts. But I like to think he is squeezing out anything that might be getting me down and he replaces it with his love.

Did you know that Ethan loves his family and friends. He always includes everyone (okay, sometimes he doesn't want Tate tagging along...but for the most part) and doesn't want anyone to feel left out.

Did you know he plays the banjo and does it well? He can't wait until he gets old enough to attend one of his Grandpa Gair's banjo camps.

Did you know that Tate is the life of the family? He is always happy and the most laid back little kid you will ever meet.

Did you know that he would ride his scooter 24-7 if we let him? He rides it before school, after school and into the evening with his scooter-riding buddies!

Did you know that he will sit at the piano for 20 minutes and just play music (he doesn't know what he is playing, but it sounds pretty good)?

Did you know that Tate is very obedient? He listens well (even for a wild 5 year old boy) and does his best to choose the right. He takes care of his little brother Ashton (when he isn't teasing him) and doesn't mind if he tags along (I am sure that won't last).

Did you know that Ashton loves letters and numbers. He figures he can read the words that Tate can read, add the numbers that Ethan can add and he just does it. He is one smart boy.

Did you know that Ashton is a Daddy's boy? He will always pick, hanging out with dad, over any other activity.

Did you know that Ashton sits quietly in primary (he is a Sunbeam) each week. Yes, it is true!

Did you know that I am so grateful for my kids? Even though there are days that seem endless, full of chaos and madness, there are more that are filled with five beautiful kids that are KEEPERS...and all mine.


Gina said...

Tears... what a sweet family. Thanks for being such an example to us. :)

Shelese said...

That was awesome Heather. totally teared up and could tell you mean every word. I need to write something like that about my kids. you rule.

Mandi said...

Did you know that was really cool, Heather! You will be glad to have that years from now! (So will they!)

Frannie said...

Wow, this entry and the last, about your husband, are amazing. You have such a wonderful family and obvsiouly they are all of the wonderful people they are because of you!