Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting to Gettysburg

Our family went to
We drove through three states and arrived in just over an hour. I told the kids that "when I was growing up, that would have been impossible."
They said, "cool" and went back to their movie...
Here are some serious soldiers (with Abe Lincoln in the back).

Luckily we only have 5 kids...a sixth wouldn't fit on the cannon.Our favorite stop was Devil's Den. Here we found huge rock formations where the kids (and parents) squirmed in and out, scrambled up and over and wriggled through the stones.

Garth is working on getting the second half of his body through this crevice.

Inside the rock.

Looking up at my cute man.

Calvin was having "a moment."

Upon arriving, Tate scrambled up this rock. He danced around.
He was so happy.

Happy Still...
But I have to tell you that after following his brothers around the dangerous rocks (there were huge dangerous crevices that had 20 feet drops), we all had a huge scare. I was with Ashton and heard screaming. I ran up to the top of one of the rock formations and saw Tate hanging by his finger tips from a ledge. Below was a deep crack (and wide). Calvin and I got to him seconds before, he fell. On lookers were staring in fright. I grabbed his hand and lifted him over the drop onto a safe spot...just in time.
We are grateful for miracles.

Sommer looking over the valley.

I love these picture of Ashton and Ethan working themselves through the rock.

It was so Windy and Cold!
We were loving these rocks to ward off the chill.

The wind was whipping on the top of this hill. The boys could totally lean forward and the wind held them up.

Stopping to see the Virginia Monument.

The "Tower."
I have to admit I was a bit nervous with the strength of the wind and low railings.
The kids ran up without waiting. But everyone was safe and

A bit cold...

Thanks Garth for planning such a great adventure!
We hope our kids came away with a greater understanding of the sacrifices that were made on this hollowed ground in 1863...


Trisha said...

Oh...that looks cold! I'm in a t-shirt and flip flops right now. Arizona trip anyone? It looks like a fun day. I'm so excited for Hilary's new CD. I'll have to put that one on my Christmas list. And love the wrappers from under the bed. Nice!

Da Doanes said...

Cool trip. My only regret with living in Hawaii is that I can't pack up the van and do something like that with the family. I do not, however, envy you your cold weather wear.

Jean Allen said...

How blessed Tate was that you and Calvin were close by to rescue him. I am so glad your trip had a happy ending!

Mandi said...

I love that Garth was the "target" in the cannon picture!

Kristen said...

How fun. I would love to go spend some time there. Aren't we lucky living back here where there are so many neat things so close together? I mean 3 states in 1 hour? Incredible! Looks fun but chilly!

Goose said...

You guys do so many wonderful things together as a family. Your kids will have great memories of all you do with them!