Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Memory Lane...

Today I was taking a "run" down memory lane. I found these photos from 5 years ago when my baby brother, Matt and his wife, Tiffanie came to Virginia for a visit. It was extra special because Matt (the runner extraordinaire...marathon PR of 2:39), had been training me via email/phone for my first marathon! He surprised me by coming out to cheer me on and then ran the last 15 or so miles with me. He was such an inspiration, that it turned me into a lover of marathons, taking me from a 3:53 (my first marathon time) to my PR of 3:30 (four years later on the same course).
He is a rockin' brother (Mike and guys rock too)!

On their visit we went to Harper's Ferry with all of our kids...they only had two at the time and we had 4. Their Lizzie (6 weeks older than Tate), is only 1 here. By the way, I miss my long hair...growing it back as I write.

Here is TATE in all of his glory. He can still be found playing in dirt.

Look at little SOMMER. I can't believe our little girl is growing up. It is all happening way too fast.

Boys are born shooting guns. They know how to hold 'em, make the noise and turn anything into a weapon. CALVIN...our total boy...shooting the photographer.

Here we all are (sporting the ever so popular GAP hooded those things)! ETHAN is so little. I can't believe that he is Ashton's age in this photo. We still own that jogging stroller...used it today matter of fact! Luckily, I was only pushing one kid!

And here is the Porter Family, minus Ashton. He would start "developing" a few weeks after this photo was taken (TMI?!).

What fun for me, taking this trip down memory lane. We are all growing up way too fast. Lucky for me I have a husband (and daughter) with super memories to capture the moments for me. It is really the main reason I blog remember.
And boy howdy-how I wished I lived closer to my siblings...MISS YOU GUYS! No fair I am all by myself on the east coast!


Kris & Amy said...

You forgot one of the most important memories of all at that living with you!! :) I remember your first marathon and how you it was so hard for you to walk down the stairs! It was so fun to watch your determination through all of it. You are my hero!!

sara said...

That is exactly what I remember your kids looking like...cute family! I am so impressed with all your running. You are a super star! I am all excited about my 5k I do twice a go girl.

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Hey lady so the winners are posted!! Love the pics of you and Matt!!