Monday, November 24, 2008

Bed Wetting

If you grew up wetting the bed (I was five), your husband grew up wetting the bed (he was 6) and you have five kids living under one roof...YOU WILL EXPERIENCE someone wetting the bed each week.
Take for instance Sunday night.
Two brand spankin' clean beds...WET. Making things more work for me the next day is how my my kids deal with the situation during the night.
Theylike to take their HUGE down comforters and place on the lovely wetness. They then lie on top, staying dry. This leaves me with not only, matress cover, sheets and clothes to wash but MASSIVE bedspreads...which take like 5 cycles to dry in the dryer.
Bless their hearts least they don't wake up their very OLD mother in the middle of the night.
...and bless my four year old's heart too. After wetting his bed, he takes his little blankie, a couple of pillows and camps it right on the floor beside his bed.
Gotta run and make a bed!


Kristen said...

We are going through the same thing with Ethan. Just washed them about an hour ago.

Marylin and Jimmy said...

So I am sure you have tried all kinds of things but when we were doing the potty training thing with Grace we would place one of those large pads that go in cribs on top of her sheets, you can get them in a pack of two or 3 for like 9 bucks then if they wet during the night they can grab a dry one and it keeps the sheets and everything else from getting so wet! If you haven't already tried it you should it will save you so much time with the washer and dryer!! :) Oh and your apron is near completion I am so excited for you to see it!!!

Da Doanes said...

Hey Heather. Be careful with washing those big comforters. Nothing burns out a motor (washer or dryer) or snaps a drum belt faster than soaked comforters. If you don't have a super large capacity washer or dryer, you're looking at a hefty repair bill or replacement costs. We take the pee soaked heavy stuff to a laundromat(sp?). It's a hassle, but it's better than shelling out the dough. Luckily it's not forever,is it?