Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Nerves...

When it comes to things that stress me out, house problems make it to the top of my list. This lovely pouring rain has delighted us with the knowledge of four leaks. The first presented itself in Ashton and Tate's ceiling, the second in Garth's closet, third the window in the kitchen (a most lovely bubble of water behind paint) and coming in fourth and the most blood raising, our super high entry way ceiling. I found that when I saw a puddle of water by the front door. I then slowly looked skyward and saw a lovely line of water damage thick with moisture, dripping, dropping...and cries immediatly coming forth to my hero water catcher Garth (who has just climbed down from a small attic in his closet with buckets to catch drips).

Nothing can be done until the storm has passed. What a super Saturday!

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The Nash Family said...

UGH! I feel your pain. Our kitchen window is doing the same thing. I haven't thought about looking upstairs for leaks!!