Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have been putting off the dentist.

We don't have a dentist we like. We tried a new dentist the past few years that had started a new practice by Garth's law office. I thought it was very "supportive" of us to give him our large family. I didn't like him at all. I think he was dishonest. And after having a super cousin dentist in Arizona to give us second opinions, we were right about him. So I put off finding a new one.

This summer, Sommer's orthodontist (whom we absolutely love...and trust) referred his favorite local dentist. But now the dreaded call...

Understand that making 7 seperate appointments can be a very difficult process. Kids in school, like everyone else, means after-school appts were taken years ago. I don't enjoy taking my kids out of school for appts. Why? Because of this scenerio: parking my car, lugging my 4 year old into the school, waiting for the office to call down my child with the appt, sign him out, hike back to the car to then GO to the actual dental exam. I am already exhausted.

After scheduling 7, yes 7 (this after making 5, changing 3 of those, adding another, going back to two orginal get the picture), seperate one hour cleanings, I began to worry again. Ashton, our four year old (and sensitive to new situations), was scheduled in just a few weeks. I began to invision a screaming child with fears of cruel torture. How was I going to break the news to him lightly?! So I began with, "Ashton, do you want a awesome new toothbrush? Well, I just made an appt for you to get your teeth all clean and shiny at the dentist! Calvin and Ethan are going to go too!" He immediatly jumped up and said, "Sure! Let's go! I want a new toothbrush." Then I said, "No honey. We don't have to go for a few weeks."

Crying and screaming quickly began...kind of like he was being tortured by a dentist.

This is all why I have been putting off the dentist.


Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Finding a good dentist is hard! Finding a great one is even harder! You will have to let me know how it goes. Jeremy and I went to four different dentists when we first moved here and now we have one that is pretty good, but not awesome. You will have to post them on I Know Now You Know.

shawni said...

Darn, I thought when I saw the "dentist" title you were gonna say you're heading to AZ for a check up. C'mon, don't get a local dentist!!

Jean Allen said...

Please let me know how this dentist is! If he is good, I'd love to know about him. I am a super pansy when it comes to dentists, thanks to the last few unpleasant experiences I've had. I am ready for a change!

Kristen said...

Let me know who you choose, we are still looking.

Gina said...

So are we... we've actually never had a dentist we liked! What's up with dentists?!