Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good-bye Cast

Tomorrow morning I will bid adieu to my dear cast. We have been quite close over the past 3 weeks, going everywhere together, doing everthing as one. However, I will not miss you. Well, I take that back. I will miss the handicap parking pass that you provided. But I will not miss how heavy you were to lug around, the itches I couldn't scratch, my dirty toes I couldn't get clean, hairy leg (I am haven't seen that yet...but I can only imagine), or the fun workout I missed (weight lifting can get quite boring).

But I have learned some wonderful things from you, dear cast. I know there are good people in this world. I have seen them often in the past 3 weeks... Old ladies who will open doors for you. A neighbor who rushes outside when he sees you pull into the driveway to help carry in our groceries. My husband who shopped til he dropped at Costco for you, stocking our empty cupboards. Strangers who let you pass them in the long DMV line (so I could get my coveted handicap decal). Friends who brought dinner. Friends who carried my stuff. Friends who drove you around until I figured out how to drive with my left foot. Sommer who pushed my wheelchair in the mall. People who smiled politely at you while driving around in the motorized wheelchairs...and quickly got out of your way. Sweet service.

You not only provided me a healed foot (fingers crossed) but eyes to see countless acts of service. And I felt loved. So thank you cast, although a bit irritating at times, a blessing.


just jen said...


i've never seen you without a cast so i am excited for the big reveal!

Da Doanes said...

Good-bye cast, hello freedom! By the way, way to rock the Hawaii-wear. Spread da aloha sistah.