Friday, September 12, 2008

The Bronze

Today they held the closing Olympic Ceremonies at Ashton's preschool. We were asked to arrive 15 minutes early to view the medal ceremony. It began as the teachers called up three children at a time to receive either a gold, silver or bronze medal for their specific event. I bent over and whispered to my friend, "Finally! They all don't win GOLDS or are all #1's (you all know I like competitions)." I was thrilled that all the kids were winners and were receiving a medal, it was the fact that they competed and not everyone would win gold. Life is like that. We of course are all winners, but we have to work hard at winning "the prize," it isn't just a given. (I was however ready to storm "outta there" if my kid didn't get the gold...ha ha).

I was anxiously awaiting Ashton's event and placement. Mrs. Peacock then said, "For the 100 Meter Dash...Gold-some girl! Silver-some girl! And getting the Bronze-Ashton." My heart sunk (kidding). I nudged my neighbor warning her I might make a scene (kidding). But I did have to prepare to accept how Ashton would handle it...darn it.

He stood on the podium and looked down and turned his body sideways. After the parent photo-op, he quickly came to me and with tears in his eyes and a bit of disgust he said, "Mommy, I don't want this one. I want the gold!"

For a moment I wanted to take back my previous delight of "not everyone is the gold medal winner" but I didn't. I bent down (kind of, I still have those crutches) and looked into my little olympian's eyes and said, "I would want the gold too buddy. But you ran hard and did the best you could. Now let's go home and spray paint that baby GOLD!"


Trisha said...

I LOVE that you would spray paint the medal gold. What a good mom!

just jen said...


of course he wants a gold, he's a smartie!

Davis family said...

I love your competitiveness, Heytar! I got a good chuckle from you painting the medal gold! Darcie

shawni said...

you are hilarious. now you need to post a picture of the gold one. love it. He takes after his mama.