Monday, September 15, 2008

How To Teach Costco Empathy (Chapter 2)

This is how you teach your husband how much fun a trip to Costco can be (I am being sarcastic). Remember my "Costco Workout?" I can't stand the loading up of the cart so high that things start toppling off. I hate that I have to then unload everything so the cashier can ring everything up. Then its off to my car to reload all the unbelievable heavy things so they fit (difficult, Tetris like process) to then lug everything into the house, put it all away and throw all of the excess packaging away.

So since I am on crutches still (off this FRIDAY) and casted (OFF THIS FRIDAY), there is no way I could get in a "Costco Workout."

This is where Garth comes in (and you begin the process of teaching Costco Empathy). Let me be sure to say that Garth doesn't mind going to Costco. But he has never gone for an official, "we are out of everything and must buy many many items (of the heavy variety)" trip.

Step 1. Ask them to go to Costco for you. If you don't have a cast, fake a sprain or lower back problem.

Step 2. Give them a HUGE list of things to buy. Give them the coupons too. Just think, next time you have to go, you won't have to man handle items such as: cases of water, laundry soap or dog food.

Step 3. Don't be at home when they get home with the huge load. If you want the full empathy effect don't be there. You might be tempted because you are feeling energized and "fresh." But this will lesson the whole Costco experience for them. They will have just loaded, unloaded, loaded and unloaded everything and will then totally UNDERSTAND you and what you do for the family.

Step 4. Listen to them when they share their own personal Costco horror (just like you have wanted them to do the past 10 years). Tell them you UNDERSTAND and wish you could have been there to help support them.

Step 5. Enjoy your full cupboards. You did it!


Monica said...

That is hilarious!! Here's the thing. I don't think my husband would put this stuff away. I might not be there but I would come home to
my kitchen counters FULL of food. hmm..maybe if it would all melt somehow?...

just jen said...

very least you can trust your husba nd to go to the store for you. everytime i send my husband he comes home with about $200 worth of stuff we didn't need!

Goose said...

LOVE it! So true!

Ali F. said...

That was the best! Do you have an extra cast I can borrow? I can't believe you have 5 great! You're so lucky, so fun to check them out!