Monday, September 8, 2008

I am a Piano Teacher

I have always wanted to teach piano lessons. Ever since I took 8 years of piano, most of the time taken along to Hilary's phenomenal teachers where I was forced to cut my nails short and memorize and then perform in front of judges then the pressures to practice (bless your heart dear mother), believe it or not, I have wanted to teach.

My problem was two fold. First, I felt one had to be either a concert pianist or Hilary Weeks to be a teacher. I learned this summer from Hilary that wasn't the case. She encouraged me, along with my friend (and piano extrodanaire), Anell, that I could indeed teach piano and fulfill this desire.

My second issue holding me back was the wonderful problem of having so many little kids for so long. But that obstacle is no more with my children at super easy stages of their lives.

So for the past few years, my friends have noticed my beautiful piano in my window and have asked me numerous times if I taught lessons. I have always had to decline but deep down have wanted to say, "YES!"

This summer I got a call from a friend asking me a huge favor. Her 12 year old son had gotten a keyboard for his birthday and she wanted me to teach him. I said, "Ahh. I would love to but I just can't. Let me ask a couple of my friends in the area to see if they have openings." I called her back later that day to let her know about a possible teacher. She said, "No. I would love you to do it."

So this is when I called Hilary to get advice. She said of course you can. I then called Anell, she said of course you can. I ended up saying yes!

Now fast forward two months. The word has spread on the streets and I already have 10 students (I can't say no and orginally wanted to keep it at 5)! I am loving it. We are having so much fun. I don't care if they cut their nails. I don't expect them to be concert pianists. I simply want them to love music. And touching my heart strings this week was 7 year old Lauren who was thrilled when I told her she could sing along as she played. I sang first while I played her song. Afterwards she replied, "Wow, Ms. Heather, you sounded beautiful!" She then said, "Can I try?!" I played the song, she sang. She then asked me repeatedly if she could do it again...and again...and again, her sweet voice singing the simple three note melody.

I am a piano teacher!


Jean Allen said...

So proud of you! Maybe I should consider the piano now!

The Curtis Family said...

I love it. I remember more than once sitting in your house with you and Hilary at the piano, and Maleen singing along with you guys and being in serious awe of all the talent! I, of course, had the man voice and would never sing in front of you guys :).

The Nash Family said...

Eh, where do I sign up? Seriously!

shawni said...

I LOVE that you are a piano teacher. Can I come take lessons?

Goose said...

Look at you Maestro!

Heather said...

I have a couple of half hour slots if one works for you. Call me! 703-754-3526

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Soon you'll be teaching voice lessons too! You talented lady! Is there anything you can't do? I can't wait for Cameron to be old enough for you to teach!

Trisha said...

Good for you! I have been considering the same thing lately. I have had a family with three kids beg me to teach, and I have a hard time saying we'll see!

Anonymous said...

1.You should totally teach voice lessons too! You sing so beautifully, I miss your voice.
2.Congrats on your first deed, you are one busy lady.
3. Thanks for your words of encouragement on my blog. I even used the "we can do hard things" in my pep talk.