Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Day With Ashton

Everyone likes a big ol' stinky pig. Really? We do? Stinky, dirty and peeing right in front of me? I guess so, since I tend to take my kids to this farm quite often. Then there is the barn. Its scent surpasses all, with pungent horse doo and more pigs, dark and dank...eew. Here we have a sheep posing...literally behind US!
Here is the chicken coop. I didn't notice any "smells" but then again a heavy wind began and blew...Whew!
After farm animal time, we headed over to the playground. I had to capture Ashton at his finest...a bit grumpy. I am attempting to take his picture on the slide. He keeps from my lens until he can no longer remain suspended on one of the loops.
Down he comes with full personality intact. He is screaming at the top of his lungs in angst. Got the picture though didn't I?!


Goose said...

Super cute hat! Great pic of your baby and you!

barnaclebutt said...

Love fall farm days in VA. Miss you, glad to see the cast is off. Costco post reminded me that I'll have to do that myself here soon and boy will it be a doozy.
Add visit CA to your dreamy list, k?

The Novakovichs said...

I guess I'm not the first one to comment on it, but Nice Hat! I should've gotten that one too. Although I do love the black one. It matches anything.