Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go With the Simple

I have dreams you know.

I want to do things like, take the family to a secluded beach and just "be."

To have no worries about money and the how much it will cost to take 7 people to eat breakfast at IHOP.

I want to live on a few private acres and sit on the porch (with fans overhead) and watch the kids wrestle with their dad in the grass.

I wish we could just take off and go backpacking for a few days, bring along the dog, sleep in the tent (or even under the stars), eat tin foil dinners and sit by the fire late into the night.

I want to take the older kids to see New York a broadway show, ride in a taxi, see the statue of liberty.

I want to show Garth Denmark, the country I love, that I long to see again. I want to ride on a bike again there, through the countryside, stop at a cafe and explore.

I wish I lived closer to my siblings. Cousins playing with cousins. Laughing, bonding and remembering.

I wish there was more time in the day, more days in the week. Fewer Saturdays filled with mowing, edging, cleaning, fixing, errands. More Saturdays filled with togetherness, memory making and less stress.

I want cars to stop breaking down, the house to stop giving us headaches and other unwanted surprises to keep their distance.

Today I wanted these things along with many other ideas in my head that I considered "Dreamy."

But I decided to Go With the Simple. I went for a walk with Ashton. My little baby boy (although he doesn't like me to call him that) let me push him in a stroller meant for days long past. With his feet bare, we talked about the large bird on the "tippy pointy part of a house's roof" squaking away, the crunchy worms from earlier rains, his desire for popcorn, and love of Starburst candy.

It was all so simple. And it was dreamy. And I was happy.


Amy said...

I love your dreams. Thanks for sharing. I wish we all had money and could go on a long long cruise together. love you, your old wrinkly but lovely aunt Amy

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Love this post! I dream of simple too! Thanks for sharing your brain, love how it thinks!! :)

just jen said...

that makes me think about all the things i wish for too.

right now i just miss my family so much...and the cousins. i grew up with my cousins, they were like my sisters. i wish my kids could have that too.

oh well, we trade some things for others that are just as good, right?

Jayne said...

love the post.

Kris & Amy said...

I totally understand about dreams... :) I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks.