Monday, June 18, 2012

The View is Ours For the Taking.

Saturday afternoon, Melanie and I climbed Bull Run Mountain.  I am actually quite shocked I have never been on this hike before now (I have lived here for 10 years).  It is no more than a 3 mile drive from my house, easy parking and a quick 2.5 mile hike up...followed by the most amazing view.  What more could you ask for in a hike?

I have decided to make this trek a weekly workout. I will run up, take in the view, and run down.  Who knows, I may even do it twice so I can be as cool as my brother and sister-in-law, Tiffanie (their big race is on July 4...Mt. about a challenge).

As we were making our way to the top of the mountain, we did encounter rocky sections and large roots that impeded our way.  It was necessary to keep our eyes on the trail at all times.  I know from experience what happens if your eyes wander off the path, even for a moment, you risk a nasty fall.

The steady climb wasn't easy. And I can only imagine the serious burn that will occur when I run the same trail later this week.  A few times, we were forced to stop to catch our breath.  The moments of rest, allowed us to continue onward to our goal, reaching the top. Here we would reap our reward, the most amazing view of the valley down below.

A quick analogy was shared after we reached the top. I told Melanie this hike was like life.  A path full of rocky unstable sections, irritating gnats flitting around our faces throughout our climb, scary rustling of unseen animals in the brush, roots waiting to tangle our step and steep inclines taking our breath...

Such is life.  Rocky times, unstable sections, irritating obstacles flitting right before us, the scary unknown, hills to climb, all of which require our eyes on the path at all times...

Tough stuff.

And our goal is to reach the top...obstacles and all.  And the view will be amazing.  We just have to complete our climb and the view will be ours for the taking.


brookie said...

Oh man, you're cool. I guess I'll start trying to be like you by climbing Bull Run Mountain. I always enjoy your outlook too. Thanks for posting!

Ali Haddow said...

Dearest Heather: I am convinced you wrote this post precisely for the lesson I am giving on Sunday. No kidding. Considering that last night I wrote a to myself a reminder to discuss the importance of the image of the mountain in Elder Eyring's talk, I am quite amazed to open your blog today to find this brilliant description. It couldn't be more perfect. I'm hoping--pretty please--that you will allow us to read some of your exceptional ideas in RS this Sunday. Let me know, ok?