Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swimming Hole

Last week we joined the Stark Family and headed to a swimming hole located about 45 west of Haymarket.  After a short hike, the fun began.

The pools consisted of pretty much everything...from a big "community" pool... rock formations to climb on.

Rock slides carrying the perfect amount of water, allowed the kids to race down into the chilly waters.

Small pools were perfect for hanging out.

Small slides were perfect for little people.

And proof I actually went into the long I remained there is another story.

How cute are these siblings?!  Sommer is giving Calvin a bunch of love.

Ethan was the king of high flying jumps off the rock cliffs.

It was seriously a ton of fun...the kids ask each day, "When are we going back?"

For directions to the swimming hole click here

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