Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp a Little, Beach A Lot

Tradition states the Porter family joins the Whitesides family for a weekend of camping and beaching.  It all began when the Whitesides began reserving an entire circle of camping lots in a  HUGE campground at Virginia Beach.

What one family started years ago has developed into a huge gathering of friends, creating an incredibly fun weekend for all ages (including the adults...YAY!)

 By day we are at the beach.  Sand, sun and surf allow for fun for everyone.  

 The ladies relaxed, chatted and read.
 The little boys, filled their bellies with sand, creating masterpieces out of sand.
 Speaking of masterpieces, Alexandra Whitesides, was the creator of all things braids. Even Calvin, with his obnoxiously long hair joined in the fun.
 Tate spent most of his time riding the waves...and there were some wild ones!

 Relaxing was a plenty.
 Are these two seriously the cutest couple ever?!

 Last year, Rae and I clenched the coveted paddle ball championship. This year, Jason and Melanie attempted to win it back...not a chance!

 Ashton loves to "dabble" in the waves.

 When Tate isn't in the water, he is actively working on a sand hole.
 Cole and Cal decided to burn some calories burying little Brett.

 Ethan and Jake were right there, working on their own sand hole...they even drew a crowd.
By night we  hung around the campsite, roasting marshmallows, playing games and letting the kids wander the campground (it had myriads of pools and nightly activities).
Each year, Melanie makes her famous dutch oven die for.

This tradition seriously creates the most amazing memories for our family. We are grateful to be a part of the fun!

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