Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New View, New You.

(This picture is of my amazing brother, Matt, who has climbed many mountains in his life)

Yesterday I blogged about how each of us have a "view" just waiting for us.  After conquering our individual "mountains,"we earn time to pause and rest enjoying our view. However, are there other mountains to climb, another vista to view, an opportunity to reach new heights?

Oh yes, indeed.

The question each of us needs to ask ourselves is this, "Are we willing to leave our current plateau...our place of peace, comfort and beauty...and begin climbing again?"

It is up to us. 

It is always up to us...the perfect plan set up for each one of us. We have all been given the same chance at experiencing amazing views and yet, many of us choose to be content with our current view. 

Not easy but worth it.

All that is required is our will...

A will...

to take the first step
 to suffer
to plead
to try
to trust
to press onward
to seek
to find
to reach

And then, the new view becomes the new you...

...until your next climb.

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Ali Haddow said...

Heather, you are absolutely prolific. Keep these wonderful thoughts coming!