Sunday, June 24, 2012

Too Much of A Good Thing

I was forced to ask myself this week the age old question, "Can you have too much of a good thing?" 

The answer, YES (darn it)!

It all began when Ben and Jerry's decided to take my favorite dessert of all time and forever...creme brulee and make it into an easy assessable ice cream treat.  You see, I don't splurge on creme brulee very often because

1. I do not know how to make it (and I don't want to know how)
2.  It is usually found at high end restaurants and I don't frequent those very often

It is a treat I treasure.  I long for it.  And when I do eventually have it, I enjoy every bite with all of my heart.

Although I knew this treat was close, I was still feeling safe from the temptation, due to the outrageously price point for a pint of ice cream.

I rarely will spend $4 for such small nonsense.

But this week, everything changed.

What began has a soft breeze, whispering to me, "You love this, a little tastes so good, the price is so right," turned into a "perfect storm" of temptation.

What went from an occasional indulging in something that tasted so good (but really was so bad), became a raging wind that couldn't be calmed.

With $1 coupons in hand, which then doubled at the local grocery store, combined with their sale price...numerous pints were purchased for a mere $1.  Within two days, two were consumed.

It was on the third night, with the freezer open, I reached for another "needed" fix of such goodness. By accident my eyes averted to the nutritional information on the back of the container bringing me to my senses.  The number 1120 was quickly calculated as I remembered the need for moderation in all things.

What seemed like such a simple pleasure was quickly returned to its shelf...until I was in control.

The realization that I personally had consumed 2240 of pure evil (along with all of the other normal calories one should eat in a given day), two days was sickening.  And while it did (and still does) taste heavenly, it taught me a valuable lesson.

Temptations are everywhere. 

Are we armed with the tools that will protect us when a "perfect storm" rages around us?

Do we say no?
Do we put it back?
Do we turn around?
Do we walk away?

Do we stop when we find ourselves indulging in too much of a good thing?

 Tonight I plan on only eating half a pint.

I am only half as strong as I should be...

...and remember, that is why I run (hee, hee).

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