Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finding the Win

I really thought I would open the package of M&M's last night and find a bag filled with brown M&M's.  You see, M&M's introduced their newest candy mascot during the Super Bowl earlier this year. Mrs. Brown is making a cameo appearance on the packages. If you find a bag full of brown M&M's you could win a lot of money...

$100,000 to be exact!

I figured I had a pretty good chance of winning. I mean, someone has to win right?!  Why couldn't it be me?  I eat a lot of candy and I need money, therefore, I should win! I decided that this bag of candy would contain the brown M&M's.


I visualized the contents, thinking only brown thoughts.

As I reached into the bag, I grabbed one piece of candy and slowly pulled it out of the small hole I had created for the big "reveal."

Before pulling out the piece of candy, I paused, reflecting on the joy I would find in having this large sum of money.  I was already grateful in so many ways...

My eyes met my fingers as the candy reached the top of the opening.

Dang it...it was orange.

Who wins these things?!

My sadness quickly turned to joy when I realized I had won second place...a bag of m&ms were ALL mine for the eating.

And eat I did.

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