Friday, October 3, 2008

We Get Chase

We get Chase Merrill! Michelle and Jason are going on a little anniversary trip to New York City (and David Letterman too)! We are lucky enough to have Chase stay with us while they are off enjoying some kid free time...AHHH!

Tate and Ashton are so excited. Chase will be sleeping with them in their room. They already have stories planned for bedtime and special toys picked out just for her!

I keep asking Michelle how to care for a one year old...I have totally FORGOTTEN what that entails. My kids are at that stage where I don't have to do much except provide "snacks." Do your kids do that? Mine come in, ask for a snack. I then say, dinner is ready. They look utterly disappointed. So they reluctantly eat the dinner. Then they ask for the previously requested snack. This cycle then goes on throughout the day...

We have some fun things planned for our little lady of the house. I will definitely be posting pictures.

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