Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Fun on the Farm

It is a family tradition to head on down to Cox Farm each October. Now that are kids are getting older (and we dislike the Saturday crowds), we have to take them out of school for our trip to happen! The kids love this extra treat of course...getting out of school early. Garth and I commented today how nice it was to not have need for a stroller, baby bjorn, diaper bag and other cumbersum items. Each child was able to hike up the hills on their own for each slide while Garth and I snuggled together to watch and cheer them on. Life is good!

In this picture, I asked the kids to take a "cool" pose.
Here is our second hayride per Ethan, Tate and Ashton's request. Calvin and Sommer asked if they could go "off" by themselves and have some big kid time.

They spotted this tractor and just had to climb onboard.

In the maze we came across this poor fellow's smashed hand. The kids loved this "fake" hand and all of the other surprises behind the doors!

I never knew goat's pupils were rectangle. Freaky. But what about Ethan's big spooky eyes?!

Cox Farms added the hayride party room a few years ago and we all love it. The only downside is the theme song that once heard remains stuck for weeks in one's mind.

This was a painted picture on one of the maze walls. I told Garth to go around and put his eyes up to the painting. Can you see his eyes peering at you?

Another new feature to the pumpkin farm is this dinosaur with a slide. I thought it was so funny when Garth climbed up the ladder and stood up so tall upon entering the dinosaur.

The kids love this slide that shoots out of the barn. Surprisingly, you get some pretty good speed on this one. While Garth and I were waiting for the kids to come down, we noticed that each adult that had a child with them on their lap always felt the need to say, "Whee!" The adults I guess need to get the message across a bit more for the kids that, "This ride is really fun. I need to say Whee!"


Johnsons of Haymarket said...

I LOVE that first picture of you guys! It must also be nice to have everyone at an age where they will actually smile for a photo without the song and dance. Looks like you guys had fun!

Trisha said...

What a fun time! I love pumpkin patch pictures. Garth looks thrilled to be there in that pumpkin patch. :)

sara said...

It is so fun to reconnect through blogging! Your family is so grown up. I still picture them like 6,4 & 2
Are you like a size 2?
Your family looks amazing.
Thanks for being one to get me hooked on blogging. It took me a few years to catch on,,,but now that I have it is awesome!