Friday, October 17, 2008

Warning Others

I don't make speeding a priority but sometimes I might find myself going a bit fast every once in a while. We have this little cut through street that the local Haymarket police like to camp out on to try and "get" innocent folks that aren't "bad" people. I think it is simply people that are zoned out rocking to a good song or something that unknowingly tap the gas a bit heavy.

I love when in my "zoned" stage and singing a bit too carefree, that a loving, oncoming car, flashes their lights, warning me of what's ahead...a cop (I love saying cop)! I snap out of my personal concert and check my speed...I usually hit the brakes just in case (okay, I always have to hit my brakes...come on, the speed limit is only 25 mph, impossible speed to maintain). As I pass the policeman, going 24, I am thankful I was warned...and feel like a good citizen.

Today I passed such a situation and was able to use my lights to warn a few people. They waved in appreciation as I passed. It didn't look like any of them were speeding or even rocking out to Pink, but they had been warned.

Just a random thought...don't go speeding in the first place, okay?! Consider yourself warned!

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barnaclebutt said...

It is especially bad to speed because then when you move and need new insurance you don't qualify for the "good driver discount." Like I'm not a good driver. AND, if you were to get a speeding ticket the week before you moved you might loose it in the paper mess and forget about it until you get a letter saying that your liscence has been suspended. You might. So I totally agree, don't speed.