Monday, October 20, 2008

Play by Play at the Dentist

I went to Dr. Kimberly Olsen today for a filling. I give her a thumbs up. I am not really someone who gets anxious at the dentist since my cousin always took care of me or Garth's dad (both dentists). But I will tell you what, if you want to feel relaxed, she is for you. I loved how she explained everything as she went along. She would frequently ask me if I was doing okay and warned me when something was going to taste bad, pull a little, give me pressure or make a noise. Sweet as can be. I really loved how she remembered me from my cleaning a few weeks ago and even mentioned meeting my sweet hubby Garth last week. My standards have been set unfairly high with my past dentists, but Dr. Olsen, you were right up there! Thanks!

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